How to Find a Good Florist in Dubai

When buying the freshest flowers, you have to start with a good florist. That’s because with a good florist, you know that the shop knows how to properly handle flowers and keep them fresh before actual delivery to the customer. Also, with a good florist, they are very conscientious and they will do their best to purchase the best flowers from farmers and make sure they are taking good care of them when they are arranging them for clients.

So this begs the question, “How do you find a good florist in Dubai?” Well, there are many ways but if you want the most reliable way to find a good florist in Dubai, you would need to actually go to a flower shop and talk to the florist. That’s because by talking to the florist at a certain flower shop, you will be able to have an idea how they handle the flowers, how they treat customers, and if you are able to discuss things with the florist.


At this point you might be wondering, why can’t you just go online and search for good florists in Dubai? Well, you could and then you can read a lot of reviews for good florists in Dubai but the problem with these reviews is that you are not really sure if they came from the real person who bought flowers from that shop.


Another thing with going online to search for good florists is that you don’t know the people reviewing the shop. They can actually be employees of the shop uploading fake reviews of the store and giving it five stars here and there. So, the best way to find a good florist is to go find a flower shop near your location and start from there. You can check out Mercury Flowers – Dubai Flower Shop and schedule a visit to see some of the flower available and to talk to their florists in the shop.


If you are really busy and cannot afford to go to an actual flower shop to research or get to know the people handling your flowers, you can always go for the second best way to find a good florist in Dubai—ask from your friends or peoples you know who have actually used the services of a particular flower shop. This is a more reliable way of finding out if the flower shop and its florists are good at what they do rather than going online and randomly searching for flower shops here and there.

With a good word of mouth and recommendation from your friend or relative or coworker about a flower shop, then you are more informed and you can rely on their testimony. If for example they said that a certain flower shop is no good, then you already have an idea not to put that flower shop on your shortlist of flower shops because someone has already had a bad experience from them. It’s better to stick to flower shops that have really good reviews from people you know.